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Boardroom Discussion
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Web-assisted Corporate Governance is where boards and committees

  • Convene
  • Share
  • Discuss
  • Vote
  • Decide
  • Plan for the future of organizations is a service that will help your organization and board of directors live up to higher expecations and conform to tougher corporate governance regulations.  Boardrooms provides the secure online environment used by many leading industry consortia to drive global technology standards and has proven its ability to elevate the productivity, accountability, and transparency of boards, committees, and work groups. is the place where you can operate audit committees, executive committees, compensation and nominating committees that function independently and report to the board. 

Boardrooms is the place where all board members can access critical information when they need it.  It keeps the board engaged and functioning every business day. 

The Service

Each private, secure boardroom provides the following accommodations:

  • A roster manager keep your board roster up-to-date, set roles and permissions, and voting privileges
  • An email list one email address that reaches all board/committee members
  • A secure document repository store and share documents of any type with other members, record comments, and keep track of revisions, keep all of your important documents in one safe place
  • A shared calendar schedule conference calls, face-to-face meetings, web conferences, and other events with automatic email notification to other members and links to relevant documents
  • A balloting system create ballots for simple or complex issues, configure ballots to conform to your bylaws, manage voter eligibility, record comments with votes, and more
  • Action item tracking assign action items to members, check them off when completed.

Your central boardroom can connect to other boardrooms- for example, an audit committee, compensation committee, or executive committee. Control each one yourself by managing the rosters and setting rules for participation and sharing.

Try it free for 30 days

See for yourself how can help your organziation cope with tougher regulations and higher expectations. 

Sign up now and cancel after 30 days if you wish.  We won't bill your credit card until after your first 30 days.

Find out more about the service and how it works. 

Read a backgrounder on web-assisted corporate governance.

Take a tour of the accommodations to see how your boardroom can make your board or committee much more effective by engaging members in continuous, consistent, and effective collaboration.

Contact us if you have questions or would like to discuss partnership opportunities.

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